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wentworth falls weather

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Rain Deluge at Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls in flood - February 25, 2013 - taken by Polair

We watched it on weather radar, we heard it smashing onto the roof and we measured how much fell - 82 mm - one of the heaviest sudden rainstorms Wentworth Falls has suffered.

Proof lay in the auxiliary waterfalls cascading off Kings Tableland. The main falls, loaded with silt, thundered into Jamison Valley in a massive and dangerous torrent.

Emergency Calls from Stranded Bushwalkers

During the storm police received emergency calls from bushwalkers stranded in the National Park due to rising water. Water levels rose approximately 2 metres in a short time, dramatically increasing the water levels at a number of creek crossings in the Valley of the Waters and around Wentworth Falls.

Local police, together with officers from Police Rescue, started searching the area and called for the assistance of PolAir.

PolAir conducted a search of the valley and located about 20 people stranded by rapid flowing high water near Empress Falls on the National Pass walking track.

Police Rescue entered the Empress Falls area where they located nine people who were able to make their own way out.

Another nine people, who were located near the base of the falls required rescue teams to rig safety lines and use swift-water rescue techniques to escort them safely through high levels of fast flowing water.

Main fall on afternoon of Monday, February 25, 2013

Note the yellow Weather Radar button at the top right of Bloogle's Home Page. We've found that invaluable in looking out for what's in store for Wentworth Falls and when it may ease off.

John Penlington
Bloogle Publisher

Rescue on the Valley of the Waters

Read Perry's Blog a for an account of the rainstorm drama in Jamison Valley.

Explore the National Pass track and meet the people who won awards for restoring it. Duration: 6.03 mins. Buy online the full 28 minute documentary on DVD from Lysis Films.

Now, remember when it snowed?

A little movie by Michael Norton.

See more snow shots on Blackheath Weather's winter images page.

Check out the National Pass website in Wentworth Falls and watch this video that shows another great Blue Mountains trail, the Grand Canyon Heritage Walk at Blackheath.

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Jack Robinson

Read what Jack Robinson recalls of his 1920s boyhood in Wentworth Falls - in the latest edition of Bloogle's online magazine, the Whistler

The Coreopsis Story

Coreopsis beside highway

You'll see them in their thousands beside the Great Western Highway – read about their history in our Whistler Magazine.

Twitching with a Camera

light coloured rosella

Twitching - aka bird spotting - is a great hobby for Mountains residents. Even better with a camera!

Find out more about this unusual Rosella photographed by a Wentworth Falls twitcher at the end of February in an article in Issue 3 of our Whistler Magazine.

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New National Pass Website

Visit the new site that celebrates the Centenary and Restoration of the iconic National Pass walking track in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area at Wentworth Falls. It's a trail where you may see and almost certainly hear the amazing Lyre Bird ...

The Bureau of Meteorology's radar loop is useful for identifying storms. It's ideal for smartphones, but remember to switch off your computers when a storm approaches.

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